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How To Navigate The Holidays Without Family During Early Recovery Mental Health

Those in long-term recovery typically are adept at navigating the minefield of temptation at holiday social gatherings. But many of those in their first year of recovery, their friends, and family members wonder how best to celebrate reframing holidays in early recovery the holidays safely, comfortably, and joyously. The holidays are a challenging time of […]

Motivational Enhancement Therapy MET For Addiction

When addressing alcohol abuse and dependence, MET has been shown to be a potent tool in improving clients’ readiness to reduce or stop alcohol consumption. The approach helps individuals analyze the negative impact of their alcohol use while reinforcing the positive aspects of sobriety. It also serves as a critical component in comprehensive treatment programs […]

How to Stop Alcohol Shakes: Medication & Natural Remedies

If you have stopped using alcohol, haven’t talked to your doctor, and think you might be having DTs symptoms, call 911. People with alcohol use disorder who suddenly stop drinking may also have a spike in an amino acid called glutamate. Glutamate causes some common delirium tremens symptoms, such as a sudden, extreme spike in blood […]